Goran Golik was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1973. In 1991, he came to Vienna to study art and design - and ended up staying. Today, Golik is among the most successful and acclaimed creatives in the Austrian advertising industry. He works as independent creative director, corporate consultant, lecturer on design and lastly, professor of marketing and design at the Higher Academy of Graphic Design. For some years now, he has demonstrated an equal power and intensity in the origination of new conceptual artworks, revealing an additional facet of his creativity. In these installations he explores fresh contexts and means of expression in pictorial design.


His images reflect and comment on societal themes alongside experiences from his own micro-cosmos. Goran Golik views his art as a recycling process. He integrates discarded and found objects into his works, mirroring the processes of our contemporary society and thus questioning established value-systems. The images blend provocation and subjective interpretation, making "Reflections"; a fitting title for his current exhibition, showing at the Kühlraum gallery in Vienna from the 18th of November onwards.